Northwest People

mg_60251.jpg?w=200 Outward Bound Instructor Jacob Anderson climbing the Horsefly couloire on Reynolds Peak, Sawtooth Range, North Cascades, Washingtion.
mg_55381.jpg?w=300 Naturalist Marcus Reynerson inspects a black bear den discovered by David Scott who looks on along with Gabe Spence and Brian McConnell. Western Washington.
moskowitz-10132.jpg?w=200 Climbing guide Forest McBrian shows off some stylin’ moves. Bellingham, Washington.
moskowitz-16681.jpg?w=300 A taste of winter for Emily Gibson.Washington Cascades.
Casey McFarland prepares goose feathers for photographing for his forthcoming text on Bird Feathers of North America (co-author David Scott). Redmond, Washington.
Naturalist Emily Gibson inspects a marsh wren nest she discovered. Potholes, WA
Darcy Ottey on a sunny fall day in the Cascades
Rosa Levin taking a photograph,North Cascades, Washington
Mountaineer Steve Smith applies sunscreen on a bright day.Ragged Ridge, North Cascades Washington.
Forest McBrian reflects on life and love. Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, Puget Sound Washington.
Bling Bling takes a well earned rest bellow High pass. Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington.
Drawing badger tracks from a plaster cast.Vashon Island, Washington.


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