mg_770211.jpg?w=300 Western heather vole (Phenacomys intermedius). Olympic National Park, Washington.
mg_471411.jpg?w=300 Winter Wren with insects in its mouth bound for hungry young. Western Washington.
mg_68371.jpg?w=300 Black bear.Olympic National Park, Washington Wilderness, North Cascades, Washington
mg_5848.jpg?w=300 Male Franklin’s spruce grouse. North Cascades, Washington
Black-tailed Deer BuckKlamath Mountains. Northwestern California
Western Grey Squirrel feeding on acorns in an oak tree. Klamath Mountains. Southwestern Oregon
Western Jumping MouseSelkirk Mountains, southeastern British Columbia
Grizzly Bear on Elk carcass. North Fork Flathead River, northwestern Montana.
Bull Moose. Northeast Washington.
Mountain goats in mist. Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington Cascades.
Bighorn Sheep Ram. Clemens Mountain, East slope Washington Cascades.
Great Egret. Bolinas Lagoon, Northern California.


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