Bears, for a change of pace

mg_6810.jpg?w=300 Black Bear feeding on huckleberries. East of Heart Lake, Olympic National Park

A few images from a recent trip to the 7 Lakes Basin in Olympic National Park.

Black bear, Olympic National Park.
mg_6856.jpg?w=300 Black bear, Olympic National Park.
mg_7685.jpg?w=300 Darcy Ottey with the Hoh River Valley and Mt. Olympus in the background.
mg_7686.jpg?w=300 Darcy Ottey watching a bear feed in the meadow beyond her. An Olympic marmot was also watching the bear with much scrutiny. West of Swimming Bear Lake, Olympic National Park.
mg_7702.jpg?w=300 Western Heather Vole (Phenacomys intermedius). Lunch Lake, Olympic National Park.
mg_7671.jpg?w=199 Stream in the Sol Duc River Valley, Olympic National Park.
mg_6962.jpg?w=300 Black bear, feeding on huckleberries. Olympic National Park.

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