A Winter Day in Eastern Okanogan County

Went exploring in eastern Okanogan County a couple of days ago. A beautiful landscape and one hard to reconcile with Washington’s tag line-“the Evergreen State”.

mg_3176.jpg?w=300 Arid valley south of the town of Conconully.
mg_3369.jpg?w=300 Abandoned building close to the former town of Nighthawk on the Similkameen River.
mg_3200.jpg?w=300 Conconully Cemetery
mg_3190.jpg?w=300 Tattered flag flying in the Conconully Cemetery


mg_3226.jpg?w=300 Blue Lake, Sinlahekin Wildlife Area.


mg_3254.jpg?w=300 Sinlahekin Valley, Sinlahekin Wildlife Area.
mg_3280.jpg?w=300 Valley north of the town of Loomis, Washington.
mg_3286.jpg?w=300 Palmer Lake
mg_3298.jpg?w=300 Palmer Lake
mg_3308.jpg?w=300 Similkameen River and Chopaka Mountains.
mg_3318.jpg?w=200 Similkameen River.
mg_3344.jpg?w=300 Entertainment in the Similkameen River Valley.
mg_3360.jpg?w=300 Abandoned mine rigging and tailings pile close to the former town of Nighthawk, Washington.


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