Trailing Black Bears in the North Cascades

This spring I spent a week out in the field with several colleagues from Cybertracker Conservation honing our tracking and trailing skills following the trails of black bears on the western slope of the North Cascades. I put together a brief video describing the art of trailing and documenting some of what we discovered on our adventures in the temperate rainforest.

Interested in learning to trail bears and other wildlife? I offer custom classes in a wide variety of tracking subjects, including wildlife trailing.

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  1. Mike Prince

    Awesome video Dave! Love to you see you and Casey in action. It is so hard to get good tracking footage that shows something interesting and you did it.

    I forwarded link to Warren. I would love to see WAS link to this video on our social media or post it to our site showing staff alumni in action if you are interested.

    Way to pump tracking and trailing skills!

    – Mike

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