Mountain Caribou Project: The Adventure Begins

Tomorrow I embark on a month of travels through the interior of British Columbia to learn about and photograph the world of mountain caribou. The mountain caribou of British Columbia, Washington, and Idaho are one of the most southern herd of caribou found anywhere on earth and their continued existence is threatened by a myriad of conservation challenges. Follow along here and on my instagram feed to learn more about these beautiful and endangered throwbacks to the Pleistocene. Over the course of the month, besides exploring and photographing in caribou country, I will also be meeting with people involved in caribou conservation and scouting for future trips to the region to fully capture the story of mountain caribou and the wild lands they call home.  Below are a few photos of mine from past trips to mountain caribou country. Many more to follow!


IMG_0033_2-1 Caribou country in northeastern Washington’s Selkirk mountains.


IMG_0117_2-1 Tracks of one of the members of the South Selkirks herd which travel back and forth across the USA-Canada border.
IMG_0108_2-1 Caribou trail in the Selkirk mountains of southern British Columbia.
IMG_0410_2-1-3 Grizzly bear tracks just north of the Washington-British Columbia border. Grizzly bears are also a sensitive species in much of this region. Over the next month I will be exploring and documenting the ecology of caribou and how they interact with the mountains they call home, the other wildlife they share the landscape with, and the people that live, work, and play in caribou country.
_10B5020 Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. Mountain caribou populations are being closely monitored in even large wilderness landscapes such as in the Canadian Rockies.

Study Up! Learn more about mountain caribou here:

To learn more about the life history and conservation challenges of mountain caribou check out these websites as well:





  1. Bryce Comer

    Hi David,
    Great to see you putting this project together. Every bit of information that is put out there for people to see what a mess this all is, is a good thing. I know how hard it is to get a good handle on the movement of these guys. I have been working (casually) on a small film about the South Selkirk herd for about 7 years now. (like i said, “casually”) I have just a bit more to do in order to put this thing together & am hoping to finish things up around fall next year.
    Getting good information is critical for this type of work & If there is anything i can help with, with regards to the South Selkirk herd, please let me know. Don’t get me wrong, i am by no means an expert on these guys, but what i do know i am more than happy to share if it is for the good of these beautiful animals.

  2. David Moskowitz

    Sounds great Bryce. Found your short on Vimeo…hard work getting these guys in front of the lens indeed. Nice work!

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