Field Notes: Winter in the Monashee Mountains

Photos and text by David Moskowitz. Expedition partners: Steph Williams and Forest McBrian.

A Fruitless Search For Caribou

We go to the mountains searching for answers.
We go to the forests looking for clues.
We watch the clouds roll across the peaks, keen to see what the universe will deliver on the wind.
We scan the snow for the tracks of elusive creatures of the wild
wonder about their lives when we find them
and their absence when we don’t.

Back home, developing images of stark landscapes
Carved by forces beyond our comprehension
Turned to black and white and every shade of grey in between.
Their is a haunting beauty in precarious landscapes
Unsettled times
What’s missing from our maps?
What’s hidden in the clouds?
When will these mountains come tumbling down?
















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