Articles, Interviews and Publicity about David

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Seattle Times, “Animal trackers read dramas in the snow” by Kathrine True. November 17, 2010

Island Park News, Island Park, Idaho; October 14, 2010

AM Northwest, KATU TV, Portland Oregon; May 27, 2010.


Dave is an adventurer, with a heart connected to all things wild, so when he is presenting he takes you on a kind of thoughtful journey, leaving your spirit brightened by the beauty in his photographs, joyful from the comedy in his stories, and satiated with his insights in natural history. I’m always impressed with how he manages to address some of the more academic aspects of his observations, while also graciously connecting with his audience and participants – as a presenter, he’s like a friendly and wise ambassador for the wildlife, the places, and the conservationists he works with every day.

Erik Kingfisher. Stewardship Director, Jefferson Land Trust

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