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POSTPONED: Mountain Caribou and the Inland Rainforest

October 14, 2016 7pm

hosted by Jefferson Land Trust and Western Wildlife Outreach
Cotton Building, 607 Water St
Port Townsend
suggested donation $10
Join David Moskowitz, expert wildlife tracker, photographer, and author of Wolves in the Land of Salmon and Wildlife of the
Pacific Northwest, for an evening of photos and stories describing the natural history of the mountain caribou of the Pacific Northwest, and the challenges they are facing for survival in a changing landscape.

Fewer than 15 caribou remain in the herd that crosses back and forth between the United States and Canada in the Pacific Northwest. As their habitat is steadily altered and destroyed by human activity, herds across the southern range are disappearing quickly. Experts estimate their population is now less than 1500 across all of British Columbia.

"This is a story that defies easy answers for the problems we have created and one that illuminates the complicated web of ecological relationships which humans have altered in ways not easily undone—forcing us as a species to chart a new way forward as we strive to meet our own needs while attempting to preserve the biological diversity and integrity of the landscape around us." --David Moskowitz
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