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Slideshow: Wolf OR7 Expedition

January 14, 2015 7 pm
Leavenworth, Washington
Hosted by the Wenatchee River Institute
The Barn at Barn Beach Reserve
347 Division Street, Leavenworth, WA
1,200 miles tracking the remarkable journey of an ordinary wolf

In 2011, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife placed a GPS collar on a wild wolf they named OR7 in the northeastern corner of the state. This wolf went on to make international news as it wandered over 1200 miles to the south and west, becoming the first wolf to be documented in California in 90 years.

In the spring of 2014, the OR7 Expedition team set out on foot and bicycle to retrace the path of this wandering animal and see the world a 21st Century wolf encountered on his travels across two states, multiple mountain ranges, a vast desert, and past numerous towns and cities. Enjoy stories, images, and video clips from adventurer David Moskowitz, and hear what the team learned about what it means to share the landscape with large carnivores in the modern world.

For more information of the OR7 Expedition visit or7expedition.org.
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