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Track and Sign Certification: Portland, Oregon

June 11–12, 2016
hosted by Cascadia Wild
Cybertracker’s Wildlife Tracking Certification is the international standard for professional and amateur certification in the field of wildlife tracking. Certification events are designed to rigorously test and document an individual’s current tracking skill set, and are also exceptionally engaging and effective from an educational perspective as well. Evaluations are entirely field based, and strive to expose participants to the widest possible diversity of tracks and signs. The structure provides participants with focused mentorship from some of the best trackers in the country. The candid discussions during the event provide an opportunity for participants to share their thoughts openly and ask detailed questions of the evaluator. The evaluation process is very important in order to verify the reliability of observers in collecting tracking data for research, to provide credentials for employment in wildlife biology, and to provide an opportunity for participants to learn from expert trackers.

Certification is two days long, located at several field locations within an hour or so drive from Portland.
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