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Track and Sign Certification: Marin and Sonoma California

April 9–10, 2016
hosted by Weaving Earth
WHERE: Marin & Sonoma Counties
COST: $295
EVALUATOR: David Moskowitz
Contact: info@weavingearth.com
The North American CyberTracker Conservation Evaluation System is a tool designed to establish reliable, standardized wildlife tracking skills. Further, the certification process provides a structure and forum in which to invigorate and enhance one’s field skills and knowledge of natural history, whether you are a biologist, citizen scientists, environmental educator, guide in ecotourism, or a regular citizen interested in the world around you.

The Track and Sign Certification is a two-day practical field test that emphasizes open, honest dialogue and real learning. The tracks and sign of any and all species encountered in the field may be asked, whether big or small, clear or obscure. After participants give their answers, a dialogue ensues between the evaluator and participants to provide the opportunity for everyone involved to learn and for each of us to internalize the field marks used for identification.
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