Wildlife Tracking Certification

999829_10151697079034661_1222258927_nDavid Moskowitz now provides professional evaluation and certification for wildlife tracking through Cybertracker Conservation, the international standard for Tracking Certification. In addition to providing professional-level certification, the entirely field-based evaluation process is highly educational and rewarding for biologists, educators, land/wildlife managers, and amateur naturalists alike.

Cybertracker Conservation’s mission is to help communities and individuals carry out ecological monitoring of their local environment. Tracking Certification offers credentials for individuals in the fields of wildlife research, environmental education, and ecotourism, and offers communities, conservations groups, and professionals training to collect reliable data based on tracks and sign found in the field.  Learn more »

Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project

Volunteers needed to help conserve Pacific Northwest wildlife! Get involved with a collaborative citizen science project of Conservation Northwest and Wilderness Awareness School .

Winter snowtracking surveys, led by trained volunteers, are designed to support the development of increased landscape permeability for wildlife along Interstate 90 at Snoqualmie Pass. During the non-snow season remote camera installations are set up throughout the Washington Cascades to detect the presence of rare carnivores including wolverines, wolves, and grizzly bears. Learn more »

Help Document Wolverines in the Cascades!

For all of you winter backcountry enthusiasts looking for an opportunity to contribute to carnivore conservation in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project is hoping you will be their eyes in the field. Learn more about how you can help us search for and document wolverines in Pacific Northwest Wildlands!

Mountain Caribou Initiative

Mountain Caribou Project
A Visual Journey into the Imperiled World of an Endangered Species

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