Wolves in the Land of Salmon

Wolves in the Land of Salmon

Long considered an icon of the wild, wolves capture our imagination and spark controversy. Humans are adult wolves’ only true natural predator. Their return to the old-growth forests and wild coastlines of the Pacific Northwest renews age-old questions about the value of wildlands and wildlife.

As vivid stories unfold in this riveting and timely book, wolves emerge as smart, complex players in a vast interdependent ecosystem, uniquely adaptated to one of the world’s most stunning regions. Observing them at close range, David Moskowitz explores how they live, hunt, and communicate, tracing their biology and ecology through firsthand encounters in the stunning wildlands of the Northwest. In the process he challenges assumptions about their role and the impact of even well-meaning human interventions.

Among the wonders of this rich portrait are the author’s accounts of young wolves at play just feet away from his makeshift blind on a remote beach and of eerie howls piercing the night air from a den site nearby. Wildlife tracker Moskowitz’s daring photography and determination to see for himself provide the first significant, nuanced portrayal of this charismatic apex carnivore from the Pacific Northwest coast to the edge of the Rocky Mountains.

The remarkable story will resonate everywhere that mighty social animals—like humans and wolves—struggle to coexist. With its strong narrative thread, this ambitious chronicle is both wilderness adventure and call to action.

Awards and Press

Library Review: Best Books of 2013 (Science and Technology)
National Outdoor Book Awards 2013: Honorable Mention (Natural History Literature)
Publishers Weekly Review of Wolves in the Land of Salmon
Washington State Book Awards 2014: Finalist General Nonfiction
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This wide-ranging survey about wolves of the Pacific Northwest offers something for both the specialist and the curious layperson… Residents of the Pacific Northwest will appreciate the specificity of this work, but any fans of wolves or wildlife biology will find this of interest.

Publishers Weekly


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