Slideshow: Wildlife Tracking, Evolution of a Discipline

From the tiniest shrews to bears and cougars, the signs of wild animals are around us year-round, waiting to be discovered by the observant outdoor adventurist. The unique and powerful ability of humans to interpret the tracks and signs of wildlife likely developed as a critical tool for food procurement and avoiding danger as we evolved as a species. It has been suggested that it was the precursor to modern scientific thought. In contemporary times our ability to track wildlife continues to be an important skill in various fields including wildlife research, hunting, and environmental education.

Join David Moskowitz, expert wildlife tracker and author of Caribou RainforestWolves in the Land of Salmon and Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest, for photographs and stories exploring the fascinating and varied observational world of the wildlife tracker and the historic and current place of the discipline in human endeavors. David will share tips on how to find wild animals and interpret the signs they leave behind on the landscape.