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Photography Services

David sells fine art prints and licenses photography for other uses. Prices vary depending on the specific image and usage. 

Only a fraction of David’s photography is available online. Looking for something specific? Contact David with inquiries. He will be happy to set up a digital lightbox for you to view images on a specific topic, landscape, or species. You can also view his searchable photo archive through PhotoShelter.


David wants to make sure you get exactly what you want and all prints are made custom for you. Each image David sells is developed from the original digital negative for the specific format and size in which it will be displayed. Contact David to discuss image selection, print size, matte, backing, or framing options, cost and shipping. He accepts payment via check or Paypal.

Price List

Prices may vary depending on specific order. Ordering 3 or more prints? David will give you a 10% discount.

8×10     $89

8×12    $99

11×14   $115

12×18   $149

16×20  $175

16×24  $215

24×36  $269

Photo Licensing

David's work has been featured in a wide variety of publications including The New York Times, Outside Magazine, Sierra and many others. Browse his searchable archive of images or contact David directly with an inquiry about a specific image or subject.

Contact David directly for arranging licenses for images for editorial, commercial, educational, and conservation use.


David shoots events, projects, and stories in line with his background and focus on natural history, adventure, expeditions, and conservation. Contact David via phone or email directly with inquiries.

SLideSHows and Presentations

“David transports you to the wilderness through his photography and his compelling, entertaining storytelling. He’s the best kind of speaker: passionate, concise, intelligent and generous with anecdotes and details. All of this really makes his presentations come alive. ”

— Florangela Davila. Voices of the Region Director, Forterra

For two decades, David Moskowitz has taught classes, lead expeditions, and given presentations on wildlife tracking and other natural history topics around the western United States, Canada and beyond. He is a gifted educator and an engaging, witty public speaker blending his deep subject matter knowledge with a sincere love of teaching and engaging others with natural world. He has years of experience working with teachers, wilderness guides, biologists, field technicians, and the general public. His slideshows and presentations blend personal stories from the field, cutting edge research, and stunning photography. 

Common Topics for Slideshow Presentations:

Contact David about setting up an event in your community on one of these topics or another program customs designed for your needs.

Wildlife Consulting

David Moskowitz provides professional consulting regarding wildlife projects and wildlife issues. The focus of David’s work is on various applications of non-invasive research methods. Designed to detect and study wildlife without needing to actually handle or even observe directly, these methods provide safe, cost effective, and accessible methods to answer many contemporary wildlife research and management questions. Areas of specific expertise include:

  • Wildlife trackingremote cameras, field collection of genetic samples. Using wildlife tracking techniques, either independently or in conjunction with other non-invasive research techniques for scientific research, mitigation studies, and conservation initiatives.
  • Practical knowledge of the natural history and ecology of North American mammals, and skill in locating low density and inconspicuous species using wildlife tracking techniques independently and in conjunction with literature and GIS research.
  •  Project Management: Design, implementation, leadership and management of wildlife field projects, expeditions, outdoor education programming, citizen science.
  •  Observer Reliability: Assessing and increasing Observer Reliability on field studies.

Previous clients include Wildlife Conservation SocietyWestern Transportation InstituteUnited States Forest Service,  Alberta Conservation Association,  Conservation Northwest, Wildlife Defense League.

“I began working with Dave in 2007 as we launched the Cascades Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project. Dave has been an invaluable resource to myself and hundreds of our volunteers as a leader, teacher, and scientist for this program since its inception. His deep knowledge base combined with his clear passion for engaging others to learn about the living landscape around them provides a unique talent.”

— Jen Watkins, Conservation Northwest

Workshops and Certification

“David Moskowitz is one of those rare people who can both lead and listen. His expertise in tracking speaks for itself, but his exceptional ability to share his skills with others is rooted in patience and generosity. Moreover, his passion for wildlife is an inspiration to all who are fortunate enough to spend time with him in the field.”
— Paula Mackay, Research Associate, Western Transportation Institute and co-editor of Noninvasive Survey Methods for Carnivores

Tracking Certification

David Moskowitz provides professional evaluation and certification for wildlife tracking through Cybertracker Conservation, the international standard for wildlife tracking certification. In addition to providing professional-level certification, the entirely field-based evaluation process is highly educational and rewarding for biologists, educators, land/wildlife managers, and amateur naturalists alike.

Cybertracker Conservation’s mission is to help communities and individuals carry out ecological monitoring of their local environment. Tracking Certification offers credentials for individuals in the fields of wildlife research, environmental education, and ecotourism, and offers communities, conservations groups, and professionals training to collect reliable data based on tracks and sign found in the field.

David Moskowitz teaches classes, leads expeditions, and gives presentations on wildlife tracking and other natural history topics around the United States and beyond.

Organizations and individuals often contract with David Moskowitz to design presentations, classes, and trainings to meet their specific needs. Formats vary depending on interest, from evening slide shows featuring David’s breathtaking wildlife and landscape photography to multiday field based programs throughout North America.

Workshops and Classes


A variety of organizations sponsor public classes and trainings taught by David Moskowitz on wildlife tracking, other natural history topics, or photography. Past custom courses include: 

Custom Programs