SLideSHows and Presentations

“David transports you to the wilderness through his photography and his compelling, entertaining storytelling. He’s the best kind of speaker: passionate, concise, intelligent and generous with anecdotes and details. All of this really makes his presentations come alive. ”

— Florangela Davila. Voices of the Region Director, Forterra

For two decades, David Moskowitz has taught classes, lead expeditions, and given presentations on wildlife tracking and other natural history topics around the western United States, Canada and beyond. He is a gifted educator and an engaging, witty public speaker blending his deep subject matter knowledge with a sincere love of teaching and engaging others with natural world. He has years of experience working with teachers, wilderness guides, biologists, field technicians, and the general public. His slideshows and presentations blend personal stories from the field, cutting edge research, and stunning photography. 

Common Topics for Slideshow Presentations:

Contact David about setting up an event in your community on one of these topics or another program customs designed for your needs.