Loss and Love in the Caribou Rainforest

Loss and Love in the Caribou Rainforest

Note: On October 25th I had the opportunity to participate in Ampersand Live: An Evening of Storytelling About People and Place, sponsored by Forterra, a land conservancy in western Washington. I had the honor to share the stage with a number of amazing Northwestern artists. With only five minutes to share stories and show images about the Caribou Rainforest, I thought about what I could share that would connect people with this place and the story of its inhabitants….these are my remarks from the evening.

A Cross-cultural Gathering on the Pine Ridge Reservation to Explore Youth Rites of Passage

All Nations Gathering Center and Youth Passageways

At the beginning of September, I was honored to participate in a cross-cultural gathering on the Pine Ridge Reservation organized by Youth Passageways and hosted by All Nations Gathering Center. The goals of the gathering were to explore the role of rite of passage experiences in the modern world, and to deepen the relationship between Youth Passageways, whose mission is to help regenerate healthy passages into mature adulthood for today’s youth, and All Nations Gathering Center, whose work focuses on helping create opportunities for healing and growth within the Lakota Nation and connecting with others doing similar work. 

I was asked to help photo-document the gathering. It was truly my pleasure to try to capture the spirit of the gathering through images.